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Trilogy of Research Domains at eclat

  • As eclat stands for "electrochemistry lab of advanced technologies", we have two research axes: Electrochemistry as an abscissa and Materials Chemistry as an ordinat...

2011/11/05   2. Analogy to Star Wars Trilogy Hyun-Kon Song
2011/11/05   3. Electrochemistry: Who & Why? Hyun-Kon Song
2011/11/05   4. [Phase 1] Advanced Electroactive materials Hyun-Kon Song

137. Very strong interaction between FeN4 and titanium carbide for durable 4-electron oxygen reduction reaction suppressing catalyst deactivation by peroxide Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10, 24041-24050 (2022) Yeongdae Lee, Jang Hyuk Ahn, Haeseong Jang, Jisu Lee, Subhin Yoon, Dong-Gyu Lee, Min Gyu Kim,* Jun Hee ...
2022/09/01   Amphi-Active Superoxide-Solvating Charge Redox Mediator for Highly Stable Li...
2022/09/01   In situ gel electrolyte network guaranteeing ionic communication between sol...
2022/07/01   Molecularly Engineered Carbon Platform To Anchor Edge-Hosted Single-Atomic M...


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