[hksong] What is your plan on new year?
written by. Hyun-Kon Song 

Hi Dears.

This is Hyun-Kon Version 2011.
I believe you've got a dream on coming or already come year of rabbit.

Please let me know your dream or plan that you'd like to achieve most.
One sentence enough. Don't try to relate them with research. Any topic is okay.
For example, in my case, i have two plans. One is to quit smoking. The other is to visit my home every Wednesday.

I'll keep your dream until coming christmas and we'll come together to check who is the best achiever and who is the best loser. I mean sometimes there might be a very valuable loser.

See you guys..


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 [hksong] What is your plan on new year?    Hyun-Kon Song 2011/01/03
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