Hyun Kuk Noh / 노현국 (2012. 12~2017. 04)
Team Battery

Research interest:
  • Develoment of energy-related materials (Batteries, Solar cells, Fuel cells, and etc)

Yoo-Seok Kwon / 권유석 (2014. 03~)
Team O2-Echem

Research interest:
  • Bimetallic nanostructure with high catalytic activity for PEM fuel cell

Younghoon Ko/ 고영훈 (2010. 03~2015.06)
Team Next generation

Research interest:

Minsun Kang/  강민선 (2013. 03~2015. 06)
Team Next generation

Research interest:
  • Organic electroactive materials for lithium ion batteries

Tae-Hee Kim/ 김태희 (2010. 03~2015. 06)
Team Battery

Research interest:

V. S. Dilimon (2012. 11~2015. 05)
Team O2-EChem

Research interest:
  • Electrode reaction mechanism; Metal-air batteries; Electrocatalysis; Self-assembled monolayer; Corrosion

Jieun Kim/ 김지은 (2012. 03~2015. 02)
Team Next generation

Research interest:

Young-Soo Kim/ 김영수 (2009. 03~2015. 02)
Team Battery

Research interest:

Jeong-Seok Park/ 박정석 (2011. 03~2013. 02)
Team Battery

Research interest:
  • Dimensional effects of lithium intercalation length on kinetics of lithium ion batteries
  • Edge-tethered graphite as an anode material of lithium ion batteries

Ok Kyung Park/ 박옥경 (2011. 03~2011. 11 )

Research interest:
  • Graphene-doped conducting polymers
  • Polymer-based redox-active batteries or supercapacitors

Viswanathan S. Saji, Ph.D. (2009. 11~)
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry/Corrosion Science, Dept.of Chemistry
University of Kerala, India, India 2003

Research interest:
-Surface-bound polymerization of dyes for dye sensitized solar cells
-Nanorods and nanotubes of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries by using anodized aluminum oxide template

Ryeo yun Hwang/ 황려윤 (2009. 09~2010. 12)

Research interest:
-Incorporation of functional dopants into conducting polymers
-Conducting-polymer-based rechargeable batteries
-Electrochromic devices based on conducting polymers

RAVI KUMAR CHEEDARALA, Ph.D. (2009. 07~2010. 08)
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Dept.of Chemistry
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India 2001

Research interest:
-Organic synthesis of monomers with electroactive pedant

Jin-Young Kim/ 김진영 (2009. 07~2010. 06)

Research interest:
-Cell test of battery cells
-Nano/Bio lithium ion batteries based on protein template

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